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Planisphere Editorial

PLANISPHERE EDITORIAL is the idea vessel of the network-based, creative production and strategy agency PLANISPHERE. Founded by Star of Persia and Jannik Roth, PLANISPHERE aims to develop and publish a cross section of innovative and cultural projects.

With PLANISPHERE holding a deep understanding of cross-media and interdisciplinary co-creation strategies, the implementation of the word ‘publish’ is not to be perceived in its literal sense across music or film – it also includes direct work with artists, be it in a defined project or long-term by managing and advising in various forms, as well as cultivating a surrounding for creatives of all practices to nurture specific design processes.

During the Art Basel 2019 event, PLANISPHERE designed and created their first edition of ON at the Kunstmuseum Basel. An intervention platform based on a multi-sensorial immersive experience in cooperation with iconic Art Director, David Rudnick and Visual Designer, Ezra Miller, ON carried the language of technology and futurism, whilst fragments of the Kunstmuseum’s DNA were woven into the design choices of the intervention itself.

Works of PLANISPHERE EDITORIAL have featured artists such as: Jonathan Castro, GENER8ION, Chris Harnan, Flying Lotus, Laurel Halo, Ausias Pérez, Moris Freiburghaus, Michal Turtle, Mehmet Aslan, Perfect Bliss, Suso Saìz, Nelly Furtado & Devonté Hynes.

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