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Overture Militia Inc.

Miracle of Love is a project by Lorenzo Corsetti: musician, producer and sound designer hailing from Rome, founding member of White Forest Records and Overture Militia Inc. .

Over the past decade, he has been steadily releasing music under a handful of different aliases.

Overture Militia Inc. is a post-industrial Rome based label founded by Lorenzo Corsetti and Filippo Fiorini (White Forest Records, Coreless Collective).

Active roster:
Miracle of Love (post-industrial) IT
Punture d’Insetto (industrial, digital-hardcore) IT
Point (hi-tech electronic, digital-hardcore) IT
Rubber Nurse (industrial, dark techno) DE

OMI001. Miracle of Love – We Came From The Sky EP (Digital, Cassette)
OMI002. Miracle of Love – Love Machine EP (Digital,Vinyl)
OMI003. Miracle of Love – Stay With Us EP (Digital)
OMI004. Punture d’Insetto – Desert Force Syndicate EP (Digital, Cassette)
OMI005. Miracle of Love – We Believe What We Say EP – Live Recordings (Digital)
OMI006. Rubber Nurse – Dachau Nurses Club (Digital,Vinyl)
OMI007. Point – Deconstruction EP (Digital)
OMI008. Miracle of Love – You Will Be Free LP (Digital,CD)

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/miracleoflove0001/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/miracleoflove0001/
Email: miracleoflovemusic[at]gmail.com

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