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Gudu Records

Founded in 2019, few labels begin with as much of an impact as Peggy Gou’s Gudu Records. An outlet not only for Gou’s own music, but a spectrum of planned release and reissues from those who have inspired her over the years, the label’s first release was her own Moment EP. A double A-side of two tracks, ‘Starry Night’ and ‘Han Pan’, each became among the biggest dancefloor and radio hits of 2019, capturing Gou at her charismatic finest in the studio.

For it’s follow-up, Gudu arrived at one of the most prolific and consistently exciting UK producers of the last two decades, DMX Krew, who contributed the Don’t You Wanna Play? EP – four tracks of superior electro, boogie, funk and acid, the record sets a future course for the label’s strive for sonic diversity.

With ongoing artwork direction from Jee-ook Choi, Gudu aims to be a limitless outlet for creativity not only for Gou herself, but for those who continue to inspire one of dance music’s most celebrated talents.

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