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Boiler Room’s 4:3 premieres Awkward Moments’ video, ‘A Blooming Attraction’

Boiler Room’s 4:3 has premiered Awkward Moments’ new music video, ‘A Blooming Attraction’.

Inspired by the visual art concept of Expanded Cinema, the music video gives a sneak peek into the duo’s hypnotising AV performances. Those multidisciplinary live shows reject the traditional one-way relationship between the audience and screen, with the visuals being projected onto the artist during the performance.

The track sees Mimi Xu layer electronic beats and synths over the organic sounds of MAGUIRE’s viola and piano. The result is a blissful sonic journey through ambient, experimental and electronica.

‘A Blooming Attraction’ will be released on November 22 as the first single from Awkward Moments’ debut album, An Entropic Cycle, which will come out via their newly launched imprint Entropic Cycles in March 2020.

Watch the video here.

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